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Ferrante, he says, is Anita Raja, a translator who lives in Rome with her husband, the Neapolitan writer Domenico Starnone.

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Anita Raja is Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs and Professor of Computer Science in the Albert Nerken School of Engineering at The Cooper Union. Prior to joining Cooper Union, she was an Associate Professor of Software and Information Systems …

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Anita Raj is an Indian actress and a daughter of Jagdish Raj, whose notable roles include Kusum in Zara Si Zindagi (1983), Anita in Zameen Aasman (1984) and Shobha in Masterji (1985).

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In six tweets, translator Anita Raja confirms she is

(Updated: Fake, says publisher) “Anita Raja” says she is Elena Ferrante and asks to be left alone.

Elena Ferrante Italian Writer ‘Outed’ as Anita Raja

Elena Ferrante, the elusive Italian writer with a string of successful novels, was outed as Rome-based translator Anita Raja in a New York Review of Books column by investigative journalist Claudio Gatti.

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But no, Anita Raja is very much Italian, it turns out, born to a Polish Jewish mother and a father from Naples, the Italian city where Ferrante’s novels are set. In her mid-60s, Anita is a translator of German works, freelancing with the publisher Edizione e/o in Rome, which has published Ferrante.

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Ferrante, he alleged, is in truth Anita Raja, an obscure translator who specializes in translating East Germany’s women writers into Italian. Uproar ensued immediately, and it was, in the

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None of the details corresponds to the life and background of Anita Raja. Like the mother of Elsa Morante, Raja’s mother was a teacher, not a seamstress, and she wasn’t Neapolitan. She was born in Worms, Germany, into a family of Polish Jews who emigrated from Wadowice, a town west of Krakow.

Who Is the Real Elena Ferrante? Italian Journalist Reveals

Oct 03, 2016 · An investigative journalist said financial and real estate records indicate that the Italian translator Anita Raja is behind the best-selling author of four novels set in Naples.

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Besides, some noted, it wasn’t really a secret anyway, since the name Anita Raja has been floating around for years.

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Goldi spent eleven years in Naples, where she attended a high school and befriended another Jewish girl, Anita Gherscfeld; later she married Renato Raja, a Neapolitan magistrate. Her daughter, Anita, was born in 1953. Three years later, the family moved to Rome, where Anita Raja …