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Download A Galaxy Full of Black Holes PowerPoint (PPT, 8.8 MB) Download Suggested Script (PDF, 119 KB) Use this activity to illustrate gravity and black holes Just try to escape from a black hole with this activity This gravity activity explains mass and falling Use these Star Maps to find black holes in …

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4.Types of Black Holes 5.Parts of Black Holes 6.spaguettification 3. 1.Introduction The first time the idea of a black hole was suggested was in the late 1790´s by John Michell of England and Pierre-Simon Laplace of France.

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Rotating black holes A rotating black hole (one with angular momentum) has an ergosphere around the outside of the event horizon In the ergosphere, space and time themselves are dragged along with the rotation of the black hole As you fall into to a black hole, you shine a blue flashlight at a friend exterior to the hole, she sees blue light

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A black hole is a region of space where the gravitational force is so strong that nothing can escape from it, including light. Gravity of this strength may be produced by …

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Black holes are so dense that they pull in stars and planets So much gravitational force that nothing can escape, not even light Singularity is the middle point of a black hole The event horizon is the point of no return Travel faster than speed of light to escape black hole

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Introduction: Introduction You have probably heard of a black hole before but you probably don’t know as much as you think you do. A black hole is a celestial object that has such a huge gravitational pull that even light cannot escape it.

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A black hole’s entire mass is concentrated in an almost infinitely small and dense point called a singularity. This point is surrounded by the event horizon . And a rotating black hole is surrounded by the ergosphere, a region in which the black hole drags space itself. y Once a black hole …