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Fergie reveals past crystal meth addiction caused

Dec 07, 2017 · Fergie is coming clean about the lowest point of her life — a crystal meth addiction. The Black Eye Peas star struggled with an addiction to the drug prior to her time in the group, she told

God saved Fergie from drugs: Black Eyed Peas star battled

Fergie, who is married to actor Josh Duhamel, said she started taking drugs a teenager progressing from ecstasy to crystal meth.. On Oprah’s Next Chapter airing over the weekend she said: ‘I got

Fergie Recalls Crystal Meth Addiction: I Was Hallucinating

Fergie doesn’t want to erase her past.. When she was a member of the pop trip Wild Orchid in the early 2000s, Fergie began using crystal meth.At her lowest point, «I was [suffering from

Fergie Opens Up About Crystal Meth and Hallucinations

Dec 07, 2017 · Watch video · When Fergie discovered crystal meth in the early ‘00s, her weight plummeted to a dangerously thin 90 pounds. She also battled bouts of drug induced psychosis and dementia. “I was hallucinating

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Fergie, interview: ‘When I was on crystal meth – iNews

In the early Noughties, Fergie’s vice was crystal meth, an addiction she beat before finding fame with Black Eyed Peas. “At my lowest point, I was [suffering from] chemically induced psychosis

Fergie Gets Real About Her Crystal Meth Addiction

Fergie Sat Down For An Interview With Oprah In 2012 And Talked At Length About Her Addiction. In 2012, Fergie sat down with Oprah and got candid about her crystal meth addiction and subsequent rock bottom. Oprah pointed out that just ten years before; Fergie was broke, unemployed, and addicted to …

Fergie Crystal Meth Drug Addiction, Hallucinations

Fergie is getting honest about her struggle with drug addiction. In a new interview with the U.K.’s iNews, Fergie openly discussed her past use of crystal meth, which eventually led to daily

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While performing with Wild Orchid, Fergie developed an addiction to crystal methamphetamine which followed her after she left the group in 2001. In September 2006, Fergie talked with Time magazine about quitting her crystal meth addiction. «It was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with,» she says.

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Addicted in Hollywood: Crystal Meth Gaining Popularity Due

Aug 08, 2011 · “Crystal meth is one of the most addictive substances on the planet, and it also does the most harm,” warned Pax Prentiss, the founder and director of the Passages Malibu drug and alcohol

Fergie: Crystal Meth ‘Hardest Boyfriend’ | PEOPLE.com

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie is riding high on the success of her first solo album, The Dutchess. But, as she admits in the new issue of Time, feeling high in the past meant using crystal meth.

Fergie Tells Oprah About Her Crystal Meth Addiction

Fergie appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter Sunday (October 21) and opened up about her rough pre-Black Eyed Peas days, when she descended into heavy …

Fergie on Crystal Meth Addiction: ‘I Was Hallucinating on

Admittedly, the crystal meth temporarily resulted in some good times. «The drugs thing, it was a hell of a lot of fun…until it wasn’t,» Fergie said. «But you know what, I thank the day it

Fergie’s Crystal Meth Addiction: Had Hallucinations

Fergie has revisited the period of her life when she struggled with meth addiction in terrifying detail. She says the drug caused her to hallucinate even after quitting. Fergie, 42, has been open