Flickr wants you to explore photos in VR

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He says that there’ll eventually be an Explore Section on Flickr devoted to 360-degree panoramic photos. But Fan’s ambitions for Flickr VR extends beyond just slideshows.

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Sep 13, 2015 · Flickr is showing off an early preview of a virtual reality experience that it hopes to integrate with its photo service. The demo at the festival was with an Oculus DK 2 hooked up to a PC and the idea is that you’ll be able to use the headset specifically with 360-degree panoramic photos.

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People who try Samsung Gear VR with Flickr feel like they’ve been transported to another place, and some don’t want to take it off! 2. Just snap your compatible Galaxy smartphone into the Samsung Gear VR, download the Flickr VR App, and tap the Flickr logo to energize. Learn more about Gear VR.

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Fan also explained that Flickr’s ambitions aren’t tied to Oculus’ hardware, and that he wants it to work with other headsets, including Samsung’s Gear VR. Panoramic photos will find new depth with VR.

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Sep 15, 2015 · Flickr Wants to Put You Inside VR Photos More Looking at photos on our flat, rectangular screens may one day seem as antiquated as flipping through printed scrapbooks, or …

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We would lucky to some quirk to the final design of this project but according to the current strategies would make Flickr VR available for any 360-degree panoramas and this would allow users to view photos using the Oculus VR headset.

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Flickr wants you to explore through the VR headsets to your panoramic photos. It gives demo in XOXO festival which was held in the Portland, Oregon this month. Our Blog

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Photo-sharing community Flickr, for example, is working with Oculus on a VR experience for photos that could bring virtual reality into the consumer mainstream.

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Flickr’s new app lets you explore 360-degree photos in virtual reality – with over 14,000 to choose from. All you need is Samsung’s Gear VR.

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Flickr today announced its new virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear VR headset, allowing people to experience 360° photos hosted on the service through an immersive virtual reality experience.

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Flickr to Put You Inside Virtual Reality Photos The photo-sharing network wants to let users immerse themselves in panoramic images even if they don’t own an expensive VR headset.

Flickr is Working on Virtual Reality Photo Experiences

Virtual reality is one of the trending technologies that tech companies are pouring vast amounts of time and research into, and one company that wants in is Flickr. The photo sharing company is

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Flickr can provide lots of inspiration for photographers at all levels. With thousands of images being uploaded daily, staff curators have much to work with. One of the many ways in which you can see the work of others is via Flickr VR that’s located under Explore in the top nav bar. Learn more about this feature in this video.