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What’s the Difference Between Wild-Caught and Farm-Raised

When you buy fish at the market, you will most likely see some labeled «farm-raised» and some labeled «wild» or «wild-caught.» Sure, they’re both salmon, but they’re very different things.

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Sep 06, 2018 · An attractive attraction in an arm of Hardanger fjord. It was interesting to see and to hear the «ranger» describe salmon farming. The area around it is …


Can Salmon Farming Be Sustainable? Maybe, If You Head

May 02, 2013 · For years, salmon farming has gotten a bad rap from marine biologists, who say the fish grown in open-ocean net pens generate pollution, disease and parasites.

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Of the 27 pieces of salmon bought in the summer – the height of salmon fishing season – all were correctly labeled. But of the 17 pieces of fish bought in November and December seven turned out to be farmed. In March 2006, shopping was confined to the stores that had sold the mislabeled salmon.

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Farmed salmon has 3 times higher inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid content, which is probably due to the corn and soy fed to farmed fish. However, the nutritional …

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Jan 08, 2010 · Eating farmed salmon occasionally is not a great health concern, but risks can add up if you eat salmon often. But the long-term environmental damage caused by the industry is substantial.

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You can think of Salmon in two big buckets: Wild Pacific and Atlantic. But there’s a trick: they’re not the same fish at all. “Wild Pacific and Atlantic salmon have about as much in common as a cow and a goat,” says Woodrow. See, 99% of Atlantic salmon is now …

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Although wild salmon contains more mercury, the farmed variety tends to have concentrations several times higher of chemicals that have been linked to cancer, including various pesticides and

Wild vs Farmed Salmon: Which Type of Salmon Is Healthier?

While farmed salmon has three times the total fat of wild salmon, a large part of these fats are omega-6 fatty acids (1, 8).

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Salmon Chowder VIDEO: How to Cook Salmon in the Oven Now, let’s see how it’s done! This video shows you how to prep and season salmon fillets. You’ll learn which cuts deliver the most tender results and see how to get a crispy crust without overcooking the fish (plus see …