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The Sonos PLAYBAR does both, but goes far beyond being just a TV speaker replacement. The PLAYBAR may be the most sophisticated speaker product you can get, though it still won’t

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Sonos Playbar. The problem with modern super-thin televisions is that they just don’t leave enough room for decent speakers. This is where a sound bar comes in — it’s basically a wide standalone

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Control, as you’d expect, is via Sonos’ existing PC, Mac, iOS, and Android apps: the PLAYBAR shows up as a regular zone, which means you can group it up for party music.

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The SONOS PlayBar will be available next month (March, 2013) for $699. Dealers will include Best Buy/Magnolia, PC Richards and Amazon with additional dealers to follow. Stay tuned for a full system review from Big Picture Big Sound once the production system becomes available.

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The box carrying the Sonos Playbar, like most sound bars for the living room, is pretty big. But unpack it, strip away the protective foam, and the speaker system is a nice size that fits under most 42- or 47-inch TVs common in Singapore homes.

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The Sonos Playbar is an all in one speaker system. It is one self contained block of speakers containing 6 midrange speakers, 3 tweeters, and 9 Class-D amplifiers. The amplifiers have been precision tuned to match the speaker drivers and exact Sonos speaker architecture.