How to Get Britney Spears’ Comeback Body

How to Get Britney Spears’ Comeback Body – Glamour

Britney has been working her butt off (literally) in preparation for her much-anticipated comeback. She’s the first to admit that getting her pre-baby body back hasn’t been easy.

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Get Britney’s Hot, Hard Body There’s no denying that Britney Spears has definitely made a comeback when it comes to her body post-babies. And since she looks better than ever, we just had to know

Get Britney Spears’ Comeback Body | Glamour

Britney has had a lot of help getting her pre-baby body back, but, even without a trainer and a home gym, you can turn things around. After all, planning your own hot-body comeback just takes some

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How to Get Britney Spears’ Comeback Body Britney’s gone from eating Cheetos to getting chiseled, and you can too with moves from celebrity fitness trainer Kacy Duke. Britney Spears Britney Spears workout Celebrity Fitness Celebrity Workout Dream body, motivation.

Britney Spears’ Hot Bikini Body — Get Her Exact Workout In

Britney Spears is looking better than ever! The pop princess recently showed off her new swimsuit along with her flat abs that are the result of a super approachable workout routine.

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Britney Spears VMA Diet Challenge (2008) Britney Spears Hot Body Comeback – I Totally Called It! (2008) Britney Spears: Best and Worst Beach Body (2008) Britney Spears Comeback Plan (2006) So this is what I love about Britney: She’s clearly someone who has to work to get the body she has.

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Spears doesn’t stop there, though. She tries to get in two 90-minute yoga sessions a week, she told Shape.

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How did Britney Spears lose the baby weight and get back in shape for her Circus tour? Surprise, surprise: Dancing helped her lose weight, tone up, and get her famous abs back. Here’s how you can dance your way to a fitter figure, too.

Britney Spears Abs: Get Her «I’m A Slave For You» Abs

Get Britney Spears Abs using her “I’m A Slave For You” Routine. She worked with celebrity trainer Bobby Strom. Britney Spears worked out 90 minutes a day. She did her abs routine 3 times a week. She also did treadmill cardio (30-40 mins) twice per week.

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Britney Spears‘ body is stronger than ever before! Even after having two kids, she has a rock-hard, muscular stomach! Get her diet and exercise routine right here to get a body like Britney!

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Feb 16, 2017 · Stronger than yesterday! February 16 marks 10 years since that fateful day Britney Spears hit rock bottom and shaved her head at Esther’s Haircutting Studio in …