Why bother with One Handed weapons?

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Just got one and picked up the game. My experience is over 2k hours as a barb on the pc and I have no idea if that experience translates to the ps4 but anyway here goes. I played as a Whirlwind Barb for about the first 750 hours and there wasn’t a two handed weapon in the game that could keep up with top tier one handed weapons.

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I mainly study Modern Arnis, where the weapons work is generally with one-handed weapons (stick, knife, short sword or machete). The idea is that the empty hand …

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Why bother with one-handed weapons, then? Cost aside, because they were generally regarded as easy-to-carry sidearms or backup weapons, except when used alongside a …

I found out that 7L one handed weapons is a thing what

Why bother with a 7L sword as a stat stick. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if a 4L double strike with shaper offhand is more damage than this sword as an offhand, even with a 7L. Even if you wanted to go with a kaoms I think a shaper stick is better.

Top responsesRedditInfernal blow for instance.50 votesVaal Double strike fits in great with this. You could even use this as your mainweapon and have The Surrender as shield. Max-block Gladiator with a Kaom’s … read more24 votesThe pdps is alright, but I’d still use Double Strike in there on the offhand.31 votesSkeleton Summoner15 votesHave all the upvotes for advertising a 7L and actually having a usable 7L. SO tired of someone posting Innervate, Faster Attacks, Minion Life, and then … read more5 votesMolten striiiiiiike.6 votesSee all

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Sep 01, 2012 · There was one minor advantage to the old sword cane over a real cane; fighters with better Weapon Training in Blades, Light than in Hammer or Thrown had a slight advantage with the sword cane. With the UE upgrade allowing use of Weapon Finesse, it now actually makes sense for Weapon Finesse builds to use it, too.

Why would I use any of the one-handed weapons for the

The one hand mace/hammer still has good crowd control, and has a high damage charge attack for dealing with storms. Bardin’s axe is pretty much the same as Saltzpyre’s, kills things fast but lacks any crowd control AT ALL (only ever hits one target). One hand …

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Does anyone even bother with equipping a fairly well leveled (Down the defense tree) Character with a two handed weapon. I try over and over and all that ever happens with them is they constantly miss, get focus fired down and pelted with arrows.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Or use two handed weapons to, like, level up two handed skill >_> ^^ yes, its way more fun that way =D , meh why bother with console commands, o.O #2. crapmonster. Apr 19, 2014 @ 4:37pm There are dozens of ways of doing this, all of which are detailed on both the elderscrolls wiki and uesp pages.

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Jan 06, 2010 · If your not gonna do that why bother posting in the first place? 1) More stats from wielding two two-handed weapons, str/arp/ap, that kind of stuff. 2) Higher top end damage from the big slower weapons.

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Aug 06, 2011 · The longsword has plenty of style (hello iconic weapon) and is one of the best martial weapons around. The rapier has lots of style and good mechanics. The longbow has style and mechanics but then you get into a whole host of weapons that have style but do not have good mechanics, like the crossbow or sword cane.

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Each weapon is designed for a specific role. Bows and Destruction Staves are ranged weapons. Two-Handed and Dual Wield are melee DPS weapons. One Hand and Shield are defensive. Finally, Restoration Staves are support based. Every class can equip every weapon, so …